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Web Design Flint

Are you looking for professional web design in Flint?

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Maybe you have considered using a DIY website builder to save money instead of hiring a web design company in Flint?

These drag and drop website builders might seem appealing at first but they don’t come without problems.

Using a DIY Website Builder for your business website might be a bad idea because of the following issues:

Websites built with a DIY builder aren’t unique

Have you considered how unique your website would be if you built it using a DIY builder?

DIY website builders have a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to web design, which means you can only use one of their pre-installed templates with limited functionality and customisation.

How will you stand out?

Do you really want your business website to have the same layout and design as everyone else?

Most DIY Website Builders Aren’t SEO Friendly
DIY builders can affect your SEO efforts because of the following technical issues:

• Poor URL Structure
• Site Crawl Problems
• 301 Redirects not supported
• Slow Site Speed

DIY Builders Don’t Create Content

A DIY website builder might help you pull together some generic graphics for your website but it won’t create written content for you.

A website is nothing without great written content and a DIY website builder does not create written content for you.

Professional web designers don’t just build you a website, they learn about your business and who your target audience is so that they can create website content that can attract your ideal customer.

Web Design Company Flint

B2B Surge is a top web design company that provides professional and affordable web design in Flint and surrounding areas.

The websites that we build are fully responsive as standard which means your users will receive a great website experience no matter what device they are using because our websites adapt to all screen sizes without sacrificing quality or brand consistency.

Responsive website design is essential because Google favors mobile-friendly websites and will rank them higher for mobile searches.

We (B2B Surge Flint Web Design) have designed beautiful websites for a variety of businesses in North Wales and across the UK.

We offer 3 types of responsive websites that fall into different price ranges:

  • Brochure websites: These types of websites are visually engaging, and they are great for promoting your business by using effective copywriting and captivating images that will draw people in and really sell your services.
  • Wordpress websites: WordPress is a popular content management system (this helps you update your website with ease) you can build almost any kind of website imaginable. You can use it to create a blog, small business website, membership site, and more.
  • Ecommerce websites: This type of website is used for online stores to sell digital and physical products. We use the Shopify platform to build eCommerce websites because we believe it offers the most customisation whilst being competitively priced.

We know it can be difficult choosing a web design company and this process to be e straightforward for our potential clients that’s why we offer a no-obligation website demo that is tailored for your business before you part with any money.

We have an excellent reputation for our web design service. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our reviews on Google and view some of our work by clicking here to visit our portfolio.

5 Top Reasons To Choose Us?

1. Small Upfront Payment
We do not believe in demanding full payment upfront. You just have to pay a 20% upfront payment to start a project.

2. Transparency
We make sure our customers always know the status of their project.

3. FREE Technical Support
We provide 30 days of free technical support to our clients once their website has been completed.

4. Privacy
We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your rights and we will not use your display your designs in our portfolio.

5. SEO
We don’t just build websites; we also help you market your website with the power of SEO.
SEO helps business owners generate more qualified leads and sales. It also helps increase brand awareness for your business website because search engine users are more likely to trust a site that is on the first page of Google over websites that are not.

Web Design Service Flint

If you want to establish and grow your online presence with SEO and a professionally designed website that is custom-built for your specific needs then please get in touch to arrange a website consultation, free demo or quote via phone, email or our contact form.


Chris Brothers - Everlong Films

"We are delighted with our SEO results and we're now getting consistent enquiries every week, also we're ranking #1 for multiple keywords!"

Harita Govindia - Blue Shield Fire

"B2B Surge were able to take our old unresponsive website and transform it into a fully responsive design in no time at an unbeatable price."

Lorcan Parnell - Rossiters Ltd

"B2B Surge were really friendly and helpful, they quickly picked up where the previous designer left off and optimised our landing page exactly how we wanted."

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